Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Cases are being lodged on Hector Aleem ( Written On May 2009 )

It is to inform all of you that Mr. Hector Aleem Country Director Peace Worldwide is in jail for a blasphemy offence and as he is in jail since 4 months, now another false case has been registered on him and the FIA police took him to the police station for seven days physical remand. The Sunni tehreek is behind all this and they are trying that Hector should not come out that’s why they are lodging many FIRs against him so that he could not come out.

He was working for human rights and Christian rights but he was sent to the jail in a false blasphemy case and he was beaten there and the police tried to make him give a statement that he did blasphemy. When the government officials were contacted they told everybody that he is in jail because of criminal offences. Our government hid the truth and gave false statements. Now today early in the morning he was taken to the special court in Rawalpindi and another FIR was lodged against him. Hector and his family are under the attack of Taliban. The Taliban are in direct contact with the Sunni Tehreek. They have prepared special pathans from Peshawar to trap him. The case they lodged against Hector is a case in FIA. And the FIR lodged against Hector is totally fake because it was lodged when he was in jail. How can he be in jail and commit another crime? I don’t know that what is happening in this country? On one side Hector is given a peace award and right after one month he was arrested in a criminal offence. Is he a criminal? The Islamists and talibans are trying to kill him.

I don’t know what they are going to do to with him he is a heart patient now he will be beaten by the police for another seven days. Where are the human rights organizations and all ministries? Are they sleeping? They are not going to wake up and a day will come when the saying of all those fundamentalists will come true that they are going to destroy Hector’s family his both sons and make his daughters and wife Muslims.

I have told everybody to pressurize the government to release Hector but nobody even wrote a letter to the government officials. What are you people waiting for? It is my request to please help us. If you have any queries you can call or investigate anything you want but please do something. We are one body of Christ we should help each other. All human rights organizations takes interest in blasphemy cases but nobody took interest in my father’s case. We are facing financial crisis for 4 months but nobody helped us. I am saying for 4 months that you should pressurize the government but nobody did. The license of our lawyer is going to be cancelled. Where should we get a lawyer from? when nobody is taking our case? Is this a justice? No one is with us, neither the government nor our Christian people. I don’t know what to do. It is my request to all of you to help us.

Mehwish Aleem

Thursday, September 3, 2009

History Of Peace Worldwide!

Peace worldwide was established in 1996. It is a Christian organization working for human rights since 1996 without any discrimination but as a human rights activist Mr. Hector has faced many problems. His residence was looted in Karachi he then left Karachi with his family and shifted to Islamabad here he again started his work and established school for in which most of the students were Muslims. Then the Islamists attacked him in school and tried to kill him. Then he was again attacked by Muslim leaders they wanted to involve him in 295 BC, In this attack his leg was fractured. He also received a threat letter from an unknown person in which he wrote that Hector is working for America and he is an American agent and they will kill him and make his wife and daughters Muslim. Then on 3rd of August 2004 a false case was registered against Mr. Hector for which he spent three months in prison and during this period the fundamentalists closed his school permanently and destroyed his office. Mr. Hector started his work once again. But again the fundamentalists tried to trap him because he was handling the church destroying case. Now they trapped him in blasphemy case because it is impossible to come out of jail in blasphemy offence. I want all of you to pressurize the government because the government is now not giving any response they are now saying that the blasphemy offence has finished and now other cases have opened.

  • Why other cases have opened? So that he cannot come out?
  • Why is he being tortured without any offence?
  • The mullahs are not letting him out. And now the government is in pressure of the mullahs.
  • If the government is in pressure of mullahs then how Hector can be saved? They could kill him during the investigation in lockup.
  • Why other FIRs are lodging against him while he is in police custody?
  • Are we living in the civilized world?
  • Are Christian leaders safe in Pakistan?
  • If Christian leaders are not safe then how can the public be safe?
  • Why national, international human rights organizations and Christian organizations silent?

Hector has served poor and oppressed people of Pakistan during his work. I want all of you to pray for him. And pressurize the government to release him and assure the safety of his and his family’s life.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hector Aleem Arrested in a false blasphemy case!

It is to inform that Hector Aleem country director Peace Worldwide has been arrested by police in midnight on 21st of January 2009. Police raided the house in midnight without any lady police and beat him and his family. They took some costly things also and broke the door. They didn’t inform them that why are they doing this. The family didn’t know why he has been arrested. His family came to know that he is arrested in a blasphemy act 295-C after 24 hrs. According to the police Mr. Hector has said some bad comments about Prophet Muhammad PBUH which he didn’t. When the family insisted for the FIR (first information report), nobody gave them the FIR. Nobody let them visit him. Then after 24 Hrs. they let them see Hector but they didn’t let them talk to him. They beat him brutally, hit him on all joints by stick and didn’t give him anything to eat. They didn’t let him wear warm clothes and shoes. Hector Aleem is working for human rights since 1996. He is an active human rights activist. He works for Christians and Muslims without any discrimination.

Hector is being trapped in response of his work for Christians of Pakistan. On august 2008 a church was destroyed by CDA (capital development authority) in Islamabad shehzad town and Hector worked a lot for it. All legal documents are available. Than Hector became very active in that case which caused so much trouble for him and FIRs were being lodged on daily basis. Than WASA (water and sanitation agency) came into the case claimed that the land belongs to WASA and they will destroy the church because it is built on the filtration line. The Christian community became aggressive and they didn’t let them destroy the church. Hector Aleem supported them by taking this matter to the Human Rights Ministry of Pakistan. Then WASA lodged many FIRs against him with different complainants but as he was innocent he was getting free from all cases and now they trapped him in blasphemy case which is very dangerous and if anybody is involved in this case he gets death punishment. So they made this serious case so he cannot get out. Mr. Hector has been given a peace award by prime minister of Pakistan which is on record. And on 22nd of December 2008 he was invited by President Asif Ali Zardari on a Christmas gathering in which other important and famous personalities were also invited. So it is very clear that he is very active in peaceful activities that government also realizes his work and appreciated his work.

Now nobody knows that where is he and what are they doing to him. Is he being tortured? I want all of you to help him and to pressurize the government to release him because person under the blasphemy offence can be killed by anyone, police or any extremist or he can be killed during his visit to the court. They keep that person separate and do everything to him which is against the human rights. I also want you to do something for his safety for his life is in danger. And as he is an innocent he must get free immediately.