Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mullahs Gathered at Hector Aleem's Hearing!

Dear Brothers and Sisters

First of all I’d like to welcome new members.
As you all know that the trail of Our Father is at the end and as you all know that there is nothing against us and the mullahs knows that. That is why they are now pressurizing the judge to give the decision in their favor. As we always tells you that Mullahs gather outside the court and chant slogans against Christianity and daddy. We made their videos secretly. It is not allowed to take any camera inside the court and it was very dangerous for us to make this video. The judge is giving the hearings day by day. And we have to go to the court almost daily. These are two videos we made, one with the cell phone because the cell we got is not of good quality that is why the first video is of very bad quality but today we managed to take the camera of our aunt (mom’s sister) and we made this video. You can see that the Maulvies are gathered outside the court and the guy in brown turban is the plaintiff and the lawyer came out of the court is the plaintiff’s lawyer. In the end they chanted GIVE DEATH PUNISHMENT TO THE BLASPHEMER but we couldn’t film that part because we were so panicked that someone would catch us so we could not capture that moment.
Now I have request to all blogger friends to upload this video on your blogs and tell your friends that Hector’s life is in danger and someone should help us. We really need to pressurize the government and no body for the asylum has contacted us yet. We really need to bring daddy out of this situation. Please help us and please donate as much as you can. And those who cannot donate please tell your friends to do so. And also please pray for us. We are afraid that the judge can easily be pressurized by those Mullahs and give decision against daddy. Please take a look at those two video, you can find them by clicking those two links.

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These are the links of both videos:

This is the Saturday hearing 22 October 2010: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOVYGE0h8ZY

And this one is Today’s i.e. 25 October 2010: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwmj9muo3ys&feature=mfu_in_order&playnext=1&videos=KRo5Kdne4Rg


Mehwish Aleem

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Banner for Hector Aleem!

Dear group members,

As you all know that it’s going to be almost two years since our father’s arrest. Our father Hector Aleem is a man who really cares for his Christian brothers and sisters. And he never let go any kind of opportunity to help them. And that does not mean that he only worked for Christians, he worked for Muslims too because he is a Human Rights Activist. He helped everyone with his own pocket and never even thought of using money for his own self. He never ever thought of doing any kind of investment, all he did was helping the poor and oppressed minorities. Now he is in jail and there is no one to earn, that does not mean that we do not want to do any kind of job etc. We tried to do many jobs but when people come to know that our father Hector Aleem is in jail due to a false blasphemy offence then they either seize our salary or just fire us. Some people even tried to kill us; we received many death threats in various locations. People still threatening us on the internet, some even go to jail just to threat daddy. If anyone of you been to the Court for some reason then you must know that lawyers ask for a lot of money in the form of fees. But things in Pakistan are even worse, a lawyer in Pakistan consider himself a god and he thinks that he can ask for as much amount as he can. They ask for huge fees for themselves and extra fees for their juniors and Stenos. And then they also need money for the fuel of their cars. We did not know that lawyers ask that much amount, and that is why we said many times that our target is about to be complete. But not now, our lawyer still asks for a lot of money. But now we know that it’s the end because daddy’s case is about to end. I went to the Court myself and saw that the trial is about to end now. So it’s a request from all of you group members to please donate any amount you can so that we can give that money to the lawyer. We are helpless and we cannot say anything to the lawyer. We can’t even ask the lawyer to lessen the amount and we have to give him the exact amount he asks. We would really appreciate if you people donate any amount for our father Hector Aleem. It’s for the life of our father Hector Aleem. The charge placed on Hector Aleem is a blasphemy charge and it carries death penalty. So it’s a request to donate some amount for him so that we can save our father Hector Aleem. And please also pray for him and please do tell everyone in your Churches to donate for him.

*****Banner for Hector Aleem*****

One of our group members whose name is Stephen made a banner for our father Hector Aleem, Thank you for the banner. That banner can be added to any website and any kind of my space profile. If you want to add this banner to your website, blog or myspace profile then feel free to copy that HTML code given below. All you have to do is copy and paste the code.

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Thank you, all for your support
God Bless You all