Sunday, January 16, 2011

Help Hector Aleem (Written By Ali Sina)

Ali Sina a well known Scholar and owner of writes about Hector Aleem, and after that Robert Spencer who is the director of a famous organization known as Jihad watch posted about Hector Aleem. I am giving you the links to these posts, please follow the links below.

Help Hector Aleem (Written By Ali Sina):

Help Hector Aleem (Posted on Jihad Watch):

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Monday, January 10, 2011


Today I have planned to write about all organizations of the world who claims that they are helping the persecution of Christians all over the world. I have also taken this step to write it because whenever I ask people to help me for my dad or help me to collect fee for our lawyer they tell me to contact ICC or VOM or CLAAS or AMNESTY. But dear friends when my father arrested, I wrote to all these organizations but nobody helped us. Now I will also be posting some of their responses here.
First of all I would like to make clear everything about CLAAS. This organization is working for persecuted Christians in Pakistan and they are specially working for blasphemy law in Pakistan. Joseph Francis the president of CLAAS also very well known to our family, we were like family and whenever he used to come toIslamabad he takes breakfast with daddy along with his staff. When my daddy was arrested we asked for his help and he gave us his lawyer named Malik Asif Taufeeq Awan. Now if they gave us the lawyer they were suppose to pay him also. They didn’t pay him and we paid Asif from our own pocket and the amount was 1, 60,000 PKR. And after that he left us because he didn’t get any money neither from us nor from CLAAS. When we asked for shelter because we left our house because of danger, Joseph Francis told us to get some house on rent because CLAAS cannot provide us any shelter. They do give shelter to other victims but God knows why not us. They just came on the day of daddy’s arrest and took some pictures of mess made by the police, ate dinner at our home with our money even they knew that we are the victims. We were serving them, the team of 3 people. They didn’t do anything except taking pictures. The story of CLAAS doesn’t finish here, when any organization wants to help us CLAAS tells them that they are already helping us. So CLAAS neither wants to help us nor they let anybody to help us.
Now about the AMNESTY, I wrote many e mails and letters to Amnesty, and if you Google my or my father’s name you will find some of those letters. But they didn’t reply and now a friend of mine mailed me that he contacted the Portuguese Amnesty and they told him that Amnesty in Pakistan told them that CLAAS is already helping us. Wow if CLAAS is really helping us I really need some proof here.
Now VOICE OF MARTYRS a friend of mine wrote a letter to VOM and he got this response :

Dear Matthew,

Greetings in the name of our Lord.

VOM did follow up on this hom. Originally there was a land dispute and a false blasphemy case was registered against him. He was released from this charge and then caught and charged for his involvement in human trafficking. Now the U.S. FBI is on his case. His daughter is making appeals all over the world begging for money for him. 

This person is not persecuted for his faith and the internet reports are false and untrue. 
Will not be helping him.

"Remember them in bonds as bound with them." Heb. 13:3

First of all I’ve been telling in all my writings that my father has been falsely involved in other criminal cases but I think they just need some excuse to not to fight for the case and the guy said that my father is now released from the case, what a joke. They can’t even investigate properly before telling people their lies. And now the FBI is on his case. What does FBI have to do with this case? I think the guy is just showing some personal grudge here and now he is declaring all internet reports false and not true. So I think all reports in the website of VOM are also fake and untrue because they also copy and paste these news. God knows if they are true or not. Can this Ted thing prove that?
Now comes the ICC, I came in touch with the employee of ICC through a friend of mine. At first the lady gave me hope that they will actually help us but after contacting their contact in Pakistan. The name of that contact is Asif, but God knows what Asif told them they told me that they won’t be able to help us. Here is her mail.
Dear Mehwish,

First of all, I would like to apologize for not replying sooner. We definitely understand your situation and the plight of the entire family as your dad goes through this difficult time. It’s my strong hope and prayer that everything will be settled soon and your dad will be free. From our part, I really feel sorry to tell you that we aren’t in the position to pay for the lawyer’s fee. Please let’s know how the situation is going.

Now comes the ALLIANCE DEFENCE FUND this organization helps people in their legal matters and also provide the lawyer and if they already have the lawyer they attach their own lawyer with the victim’s lawyer and fight for their case and this is the reply our lawyer got from them
Dear Mr. …….

Thank you for giving our attorneys the opportunity to review your request for assistance on Hector Aleem’s case. Unfortunately, this case is not within the scope of cases that we are currently accepting for representation. We have reviewed the information you have provided and have found that this situation falls outside of the scope of cases that we can advise or assist on. Accordingly, ADF will not be able to assist you in representing Mr. Aleem as legal counsel in this matter. At this time, there is no need for you to submit your resume’ in order to apply for a grant.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to consider the matter.


BRITISH PAKISTANI CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION in the beginning they said that they would help us but what they actually did was start a new post in his blog with the name of WHAT IS TRUTH and allows everybody to write against my father and increased his blogs viewers. After so many months, I wrote him so many mails to help us but NO REPLY. Another example of COPY PASTE organizations.
We are the victims and we can tell better that nobody helped us. Why am I asking help from normal people because they try to help, they write to these organizations and do anything they can, ask other friends for help but these organizations, they are just copy paste organizations. They copy an incident from one site and paste it in their blog or website and increase the visitors of their site or blog. Okay I can understand they don’t want to help my dad because they hate him what about Assia Bibi? Any body came forward? Anybody gave lawyer to her? Or gave shelter to the family of Assia?
If I was getting help from any of these organizations I would never ever ask for any help from anyone.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Salman Taseer Shot Dead by his own Guard!

Dear Group members
Today governer of Punjab shot dead by his own security gaurd. The guard belonged to an Elite Force, The Elite force is a special force assigned for the safety of people. As he was the governer of the biggest province of Pakistan and obviously a special person the Elite force was assigned to gaurd him but the security gaurd shot him with 27 bullets and Salman died. Salman Taseer was the same person who was struggling for Assia Bibi's release. This is Pakistan. If the governer isn't safe here than a normal person cannot be. Elite force is the same force who is assigned to bring daddy from jail to court and this is the so called security for daddy. How can I think that my father is safe in the hands of Islamists and extermists? The government cannot save their own governer than how a normal Human Rights Activist can survive here? Do you think its justice? the killer of salman is very proud of killing him and he was smiling at the time of his arrest. The Islamists and exteremists are happy and they are giving sweets to eachother because they think that its a good thing. what kind of people are they? They are happy on someones death? Salman was continuously said in his statements that he is receiving threats but nobody paid any attention. In the same way I am telling everybody again and again that our and my daddy's lives are in danger but I think people will believe when some proud muslim will be more proud after killing us. TIME TO THINK but I know its only another update or mail for you which will be deleted without reading. 


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hector Aleem Sentenced!

On 21st of December, was daddy's hearing and many Talibans from Peshawar gathered in the court and chanted slogans against daddy and they were holding the prisoner uniforms because daddy wasn't convicted yet because only convicted people can wear the uniforms in prison. The judge went under pressure and he gave daddy a 7 years sentence and 50,000 Pakistani Rupees fine. I didn’t know why judge give him the sentence because there was no evidence and even the investigation officer wrote in his statement that he filed the case on an oral statement and he didn't find any evidence against daddy neither he recovered anything (this case wasn't the blasphemy case, it was one of those cases which were lodged after daddy’s arrest to prevent him from getting out of jail), God knows what is going to happen. I am so upset. I don’t know for how long we are going to ask for donation, I really want some money right now because when we go to the High Court we will file an appeal against this decision. 
Due to lots of dangers we cannot study or work in Pakistan. And I don't know for how long we have to suffer this. We cannot spend this precious time in sitting here and wait for people's help. We really have to do something. Please put yourself in our shoes and you'll understand everything. I don't how daddy is going to tolerate this, He is a heart patient and two days back a prisoner died in prison because he had a heart attack and the doctor came after 04 hours. Prisoners are not safe in Adiyala you must have read about the kidnap of 11 prisoners from Adiyala Jail. Anything could happen any time. We really need to do something
In the statement of the Investigation Officer, He said that he didn't recover anything neither he had any proof and he has filed the case on an oral statement. After few days on another hearing daddy gave me a letter because we are not allowed to talk to him so he gave me a letter in which he wrote this.
Dear brothers and sisters
On 21 of Dec special central judge gave me 7 years imprisonment and said emotionally that
I DO NOT NEED ANY PROOF I TOOK THE REVENGE OF DR. AFIA SIDDIQUI, the investigation officer stated in his statement that the complainant didn’t give me any written or documentary proof. Neither I my self found any proof against Hector. I registered this case on oral statement.
Dear brothers and sisters Pakistan is very difficult country for minorities especially for Christians. If America attacks on Afghanistan or Iraq, Pakistani Muslims burn and destroy our houses and churches and loot our valuables and properties. They put us in jail without any proof; judges give their decisions against Pakistani Christians and give them death sentences without any proof. It is so surprised that we are born in Pakistan but still we are not Pakistani, Muslims always thinks and says that we are American or European agents’ on the other hand American and European government thinks that we are untouchable creatures. They don’t allow us in their embassies, they hire Muslims in their embassies, they do not issue visas to Christians, and they do not raise their voice in our favor. My brothers and sisters, is there any third option for me and for my children? I am in jail since 2 years, my wife and kids are hiding their selves. They are not safe in Pakistan. My sons are not going to schools and my both daughters and wife cannot do any job. They are educated persons they can earn money but they cannot because of danger they are facing. How can my family survive? No one is ready for their financial support. American and European countries support and give financial help to Islamic NGOs and people and countries but the Islamists always like to help Talibans. Its time to wake up. Please do something for your Christian brothers and sisters and all Christians who are suffering in Pakistan. There are so many Christians in Pakistan who are suffering but you don’t know about them. We are not allowed any facilities or to go to the Church or to read Holy Bible here but you give them proper places to worship in your countries even they are allowed to use loud speakers in mosques but we aren’t allowed to raise our voice for destroyed church.
Wake up brothers and sisters wake up.

Hector Aleem

This is so very upsetting if the judge is making up this case and compare it with Dr. Affia's case, than this thing is very serious now. Now I know why he gave my father this sentence. This shows his grudge and discrimination for Christians.

I know I must have been very irritating for you but I really really want some money. We are going to the High Court for the dismissal of this decision and we really need money to file the application in the High Court. 
I have stopped living in fantasies. Now I am ready to run daddy's mass campaign I am just fed up of this because most of the people don’t read e mails and I cannot afford phone calls to different countries because it’s too expensive. It is very difficult to ask for donation again and again. We have been paying our lawyer through donations since April 2010. How long will people give us? This is so difficult now. If nothing happens (I wish something must happen) than it would be difficult to live and doing nothing for seven years. Please pray for us and if any of you have any suggestion or any second option than please tell me. I really am upset now.

For donating through Pay Pal here’s the link

And if any of you cannot send through Western Union than you can contact me I’ll tell you details.


Mehwish Aleem