Saturday, June 11, 2011

Update About Hector Aleem 11 June, 2011

Dear Friends,

As you all know that Our Father Hector Aleem has been acquitted from that blasphemy case and now it has been proved that this case was false and was lodged due to that Church he was fighting for. The judge acquitted that case due to lack of evidence; in fact there was no evidence at all. Hector Aleem is still in jail because there were other cases on him which were lodged after that blasphemy case while he was still in jail to prevent him from getting out of the jail. Now all the other cases which are four in number are also baseless just like that blasphemy case. And there is no evidence in all those cases. Of all cases lodged on Hector Aleem (including that blasphemy case) there is no evidence against him. This is not the end of our struggle because only that blasphemy case is finished and other four cases are here. We still need your moral and practical support and we also need your prayers. We still got to pay the fees to the lawyer, now he proved himself that he is the best lawyer here and he is also very confident about other cases but he is asking for his fee. And there are some things we got to provide to daddy in the jail. So it would be very much appreciated if you help us till we get out of this situation. Also please donate for the lawyer’s fee and things that are needed to be provided to Hector Aleem in jail.
God Bless You All
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

News posted in the Pakistani news paper about Chairman Peace Worldwide Hector Aleem.

Here is the TRANSLATION:

"Additional District and Session Judge Mr. Sarfaraz Akhter took a strict notice on those who lodged a false blasphemy case. He ordered the CPO Rawalpinidi to investigate about the case and also ordered to take a strict action against those who gave false testimonies i.e. Sub - Inspector Zafar Iqbal, Mir Abdullah, Riaz, Constable Muhammad Asif, Muhammad Akram, and the complainant Tahir Iqbal Chisti. He ordered to take severe action on them and also ordered strictly to the Secretary Prosecution Punjab to take action on District Public Prosecution who passed the Challan of this false and poor investigation case. The lawyer of the accused Hector Aleem and others Mr. Ghufran Khurshid Imtiazi provided the Court Orders to the CPO to take action. A case of Disrespecting the accused will also be lodged. Court dropped the Charges on three of the Accused."


Federal Government ignored the orders of judge and did not take any action against Complainant, Prosecution or police officers. Now who is responsible for all the hardships Hector Aleem and his family had to face? his family was displaced, his home and offices were destroyed, his family was tortured, who is responsible for all this? 

Charges of Blasphemy on Hector Aleem are now dropped

Greetings dear friends

Good news, the blasphemy charges have been dropped. the judge acquitted daddy and I didn't know that this judge will acquit him because this is the lower court and normally the lower court doesn't acquit the blasphemy victims. well the judge ordered to take strict actions against the investigation officer and the prosecution. as soon as I get the copy of the decision I will post it to you because I, myself don't know the whole order but I know that the judge said that the Charges on daddy are now dropped and he is acquitted from that case and he also ordered the higher officials of the Police to take strict action against the Investigation Officer (Who investigated Daddy's Case). BUT there are other minor cases left which are four in number. But they will also be finished because the main case is over now and its good that daddy is still in jail for his protection because the news of acquittal will make the mullahs crazy that is why the judge announced the decision on 6:45 PM the time of the court is till 4. the judge did it for security purpose.waiting for some other good news!!!
The bad times are at the end and will be finished soon but we all still need your help.

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