Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Charges of Blasphemy on Hector Aleem are now dropped

Greetings dear friends

Good news, the blasphemy charges have been dropped. the judge acquitted daddy and I didn't know that this judge will acquit him because this is the lower court and normally the lower court doesn't acquit the blasphemy victims. well the judge ordered to take strict actions against the investigation officer and the prosecution. as soon as I get the copy of the decision I will post it to you because I, myself don't know the whole order but I know that the judge said that the Charges on daddy are now dropped and he is acquitted from that case and he also ordered the higher officials of the Police to take strict action against the Investigation Officer (Who investigated Daddy's Case). BUT there are other minor cases left which are four in number. But they will also be finished because the main case is over now and its good that daddy is still in jail for his protection because the news of acquittal will make the mullahs crazy that is why the judge announced the decision on 6:45 PM the time of the court is till 4. the judge did it for security purpose.waiting for some other good news!!!
The bad times are at the end and will be finished soon but we all still need your help.

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