Friday, May 27, 2011

Update about the final arguments of Hector's case

Greetings friends

yesterday was daddy's hearing, and it went very good. the judge asked some logical questions to the lawyer of plaintiffs and he was unable to give answers to those questions than he started to point out dad personally, he was mentioning and in my opinion that goes in our favor. the argument is not finished yet and our lawyer will have to argue on 31st of May. I cannot give you more details about that conversation because of security issues. but dont worry I will tell you guys each and every detail. please all of you, pray for daddy and his health and also for the positive result of trail. many thanks to those who have already helped us. and those who can help us please help us morally and practically.
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Mehwish Aleem

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  1. I am gratified you thought it went well. Please keep me informed through the Facebook "Free Hector Aleem" page.