Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hector Aleem had a Heart Attack in Jail

Greetings dear friends

Yesterday was daddy's hearing, he was not there, we came to know that he had heart attack last night that is why he was not able to make it. He does not have any medical facilities and neither any facility of doctor in jail, and we also dont have much sources to give him medicines. As you all may know that he is a heart patient and he had his first Heart Attack on 15 September, 2006 and after that he had an Angioplasty (Operation of Heart) and then he was fine but he had to take medicines of course. The jail authorities due to their personal grudge are not giving him medicines for his heart and are also not providing him and doctor which is very sad. We just know that he is fine now but not giving him medicines is a shameful act done by the authorities. The judge gave him another date which is 4 of June 2011 but the hearing for blasphemy law case is 26th of May 2011. 

Also we are about to start a Supreme Court campaign in which we will encourage you all to write letters to the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Because as we can see now, the Supreme Court of Pakistan is stronger then the government of Pakistan.

I want all friends to pray for us and tell God to provide some sources, and all friends tell your other friends and churches to pray for us and do anything that can help us or anything that can support the case.
Please donate here: http://tinyurl.com/hectoraleem
and sign the petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/HAleem/petition.html


Mehwish Aleem

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  1. I am praying and thinking about you all today. blessings, Sue