Saturday, December 18, 2010

Send Hector A Christmas Card!

Think about a time when you felt depressed, lonely, and unfairly treated. Your self-esteem was then lower, you questioned yourself, and—in some more extreme cases, albeit not infrequently—you might have even wondered if you wanted to live.

We’ve all been there. I have been over the last few weeks.

I won’t delve into the reasons for my recent melancholy, but I’ll tell you that, at 4:30 pm today, I felt I could be happy for a hundred years. Why? Because my research supervisor looked me in the eyes, told me he valued my work, and asked me to not allow others to get to me.

Such a small compliment made my day.

I think Hector would feel the same way if you sent him a Christmas card this year. You might feel that your perfunctory “Merry Christmas” adds no value, but for someone who’s been unfairly imprisoned, tortured, and held in a jail section for death inmates, it can mean the world to him to know there is someone out there thinking about him.

You don’t have to be an eloquent writer to write something to him. Personally, I sent him a card reminding him to stay strong, and wishing him a Merry Christmas.

Please try to avoid writing against Islam, though. We would not be helping Hector if his guards were to read disparaging material about Islam; they could even use it as further ammunition to harm him.

If you’re on board with this, here’s Hector’s mailing address:

>Hector Aleem
>Circle 4
>Adiyala Jail
>Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Thanks for your time. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


PS: Feel free to copy-paste this around—in fact, please do!

PPS: You can donate online to help with his legal fees:

Friday, December 3, 2010

Update and A Good News

For the first time ever we are about to share some good news with you. As you all know that Our Father Hector Aleem is falsely accused of Blasphemy charge. And you also know that Sunni Tehreek (A terrorist organization) is behind that and lodged that case on our father. And you also know that when daddy was arrested, Sunni Tehreek lodged more cases on him (with different plaintiffs) to prevent him of getting out of the jail. But these other cases were lodged on him when he was in jail. Hector Aleem was arrested in January 2009 due to that Blasphemy case and after three months i.e. on April 2009 more cases were lodged on him which were some other criminal charges. Of course all these cases are false and there is no evidence against our father. That was done to prevent him from getting out of the jail and to increase tension for him and his family and to torture him mentally. Those cases are being processed along with that Blasphemy case. But the good news is that our father Hector Aleem has been released from three of those Criminal cases because there was absolutely no evidence against him. In the order the judge wrote “since two years there has not been any kind of evidence against Hector Aleem, and those cases were lodged against him due to the personal enmity of the plaintiff so he is now released from these three cases”. But he is still in jail due to that Blasphemy charge and some other cases which are still being processed. We are 1000% sure that our father Hector Aleem will be released from these other criminal cases too as they are all at the end and there is no evidence against him. But that Blasphemy case is still very dangerous because it carries death penalty if convicted. Blasphemy case is also at the end, and there are only final arguments left. But the judge who was processing the Blasphemy case has been changed, we don’t know if he has been changed by the government or what but the new judge is about to come. We don’t even know the name of that new judge and that’s why the processing has been delayed till 4th December 2010. Our lawyer is doing an awesome job but he is asking for the fee. We paid him a lot, but still he is asking for the fee and I think that he will continue to ask for the fee until our father is released from jail. Sunni Tehreek (A terrorist organization) announced that to all lawyers that “a person who take the case of Hector Aleem will be killed”. Now all other lawyers are afraid to take the case of Hector Aleem, there was another person from Pakistan who is a lawyer and was a member of this group agreed to take the case our father but when he saw the danger of Mullahs and that terrorist organization Sunni Tehreek, he refused to help us. Our current lawyer is the only lawyer in whole Pakistan who is brave enough to take our father’s case and says “my life and profession are in danger due to your case that’s why you will have to pay me whatever I ask you to pay, and if you wont pay me….I will stop working and will resume working when you will pay me” So we are in this situation. It all happened in front of you, nothing was happening when this group was started in April 2010 but now things are changing. You all have supported us this far, we need your support once again and hopefully when this time we will pay our lawyer his fee…our father will be released thanks to all of you. The example of Asia Bibi is in front of you, she is convicted and is about to be hanged to death. There are many protests going on in Pakistan against Asia Bibi and all Blasphemy victims, Mullahs want to kill them all. Because of this the heat on our father’s case is increasing. And there are 99% chances that Mullahs will gather outside daddy’s court again and will try to do something bad. So please don’t let the same thing happen to daddy like it happened to Asia Bibi. We are all very scared of this Blasphemy tension which is rising in Pakistan. Please pray for our father, pray for his safety and his release. Also please donate for our father Hector Aleem so that we can give that money to the lawyer and he will start his work again. You can donate any amount, even a few dollars helps. If you want to donate through pay pal then follow the link below and if you want to donate through snail mail then contact the Shouman who is in the Admin list. And if you want to donate through Western Union then you can contact Mehwish Aleem in the admin list. Some people might not like it but we desperately need your help. We also want to give daddy some warm clothes he doesn’t have warm clothes and Christmas is near you can send him some Christmas cards and encourage him but remember nothing should be written against Pakistan or Islam. 

Here is the link to pay pal:

Thank you everyone,
God Bless You All

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Prisoners Are Not Safe In Adiyala Jail

The trail is at the end and hope that tomorrow will be the last arguments, I really don’t know other formalities but surely final arguments are near. If it won’t happen tomorrow than it could be done in few days. The court is SESSION COURT IN RAWALPINDI and the name of the judge is Mr. ALI IMRAN additional session judge.
Dear friends the case is at the end and we need lots of prayers, Please remember us in your prayers and also pray for our and daddy’s security. I have read a news today that 11 prisoners from Adiyala Jail (same jail in which daddy is kept) were kidnapped by the intelligence. And they are still missing even after the arrest of the superintendent of jail (because the superintendent handed them over to the intelligence) and the order of Supreme Court. So I am very scared of these circumstances, this is Pakistan and anything could happen anytime, the prisoners are not safe even in jail. Need more and more prayers. Please do donate because I don’t want the lawyer to stop right at the end of the case, we really need this donation. Please do donate generously.

This is the link to the news:

And this is the link to Pay Pal:

If you can’t use the Pay Pal you can send through Western Union on my name.


Mehwish Aleem

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mullahs Gathered at Hector Aleem's Hearing!

Dear Brothers and Sisters

First of all I’d like to welcome new members.
As you all know that the trail of Our Father is at the end and as you all know that there is nothing against us and the mullahs knows that. That is why they are now pressurizing the judge to give the decision in their favor. As we always tells you that Mullahs gather outside the court and chant slogans against Christianity and daddy. We made their videos secretly. It is not allowed to take any camera inside the court and it was very dangerous for us to make this video. The judge is giving the hearings day by day. And we have to go to the court almost daily. These are two videos we made, one with the cell phone because the cell we got is not of good quality that is why the first video is of very bad quality but today we managed to take the camera of our aunt (mom’s sister) and we made this video. You can see that the Maulvies are gathered outside the court and the guy in brown turban is the plaintiff and the lawyer came out of the court is the plaintiff’s lawyer. In the end they chanted GIVE DEATH PUNISHMENT TO THE BLASPHEMER but we couldn’t film that part because we were so panicked that someone would catch us so we could not capture that moment.
Now I have request to all blogger friends to upload this video on your blogs and tell your friends that Hector’s life is in danger and someone should help us. We really need to pressurize the government and no body for the asylum has contacted us yet. We really need to bring daddy out of this situation. Please help us and please donate as much as you can. And those who cannot donate please tell your friends to do so. And also please pray for us. We are afraid that the judge can easily be pressurized by those Mullahs and give decision against daddy. Please take a look at those two video, you can find them by clicking those two links.

To donate through Pay Pal you can click this link:

And for sending your donations through Western Union or any other way please contact me

These are the links of both videos:

This is the Saturday hearing 22 October 2010:

And this one is Today’s i.e. 25 October 2010:


Mehwish Aleem

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Banner for Hector Aleem!

Dear group members,

As you all know that it’s going to be almost two years since our father’s arrest. Our father Hector Aleem is a man who really cares for his Christian brothers and sisters. And he never let go any kind of opportunity to help them. And that does not mean that he only worked for Christians, he worked for Muslims too because he is a Human Rights Activist. He helped everyone with his own pocket and never even thought of using money for his own self. He never ever thought of doing any kind of investment, all he did was helping the poor and oppressed minorities. Now he is in jail and there is no one to earn, that does not mean that we do not want to do any kind of job etc. We tried to do many jobs but when people come to know that our father Hector Aleem is in jail due to a false blasphemy offence then they either seize our salary or just fire us. Some people even tried to kill us; we received many death threats in various locations. People still threatening us on the internet, some even go to jail just to threat daddy. If anyone of you been to the Court for some reason then you must know that lawyers ask for a lot of money in the form of fees. But things in Pakistan are even worse, a lawyer in Pakistan consider himself a god and he thinks that he can ask for as much amount as he can. They ask for huge fees for themselves and extra fees for their juniors and Stenos. And then they also need money for the fuel of their cars. We did not know that lawyers ask that much amount, and that is why we said many times that our target is about to be complete. But not now, our lawyer still asks for a lot of money. But now we know that it’s the end because daddy’s case is about to end. I went to the Court myself and saw that the trial is about to end now. So it’s a request from all of you group members to please donate any amount you can so that we can give that money to the lawyer. We are helpless and we cannot say anything to the lawyer. We can’t even ask the lawyer to lessen the amount and we have to give him the exact amount he asks. We would really appreciate if you people donate any amount for our father Hector Aleem. It’s for the life of our father Hector Aleem. The charge placed on Hector Aleem is a blasphemy charge and it carries death penalty. So it’s a request to donate some amount for him so that we can save our father Hector Aleem. And please also pray for him and please do tell everyone in your Churches to donate for him.

*****Banner for Hector Aleem*****

One of our group members whose name is Stephen made a banner for our father Hector Aleem, Thank you for the banner. That banner can be added to any website and any kind of my space profile. If you want to add this banner to your website, blog or myspace profile then feel free to copy that HTML code given below. All you have to do is copy and paste the code.

Here is the HTML code:

To place this banner on your website, please copy the code below. Thank you!

If you want to donate through pay pal then please follow the link below.

Here is the link to Pay Pal:

And if you want to donate through any other way then please contact Mehwish Aleem (In the admin list).

Thank you, all for your support
God Bless You all

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Update About Hector Aleem's Hearing - 15/09/2010

Dear supporters of Hector Aleem,

Nothing happened in today's hearing because our lawyer didn't appear on today's hearing
We are more deserving than any other flood victim. They lost their house and everything because of natural disaster but we have lost everything of ours because of nothing. I just hate it. Why people are donating them who wont even appreciate because they consider it KAFIR (infidel) MONEY but we are Christians and waiting for help for two years but nobody came forward. I thank every body who has donated but still we need lots of money because of our lawyer, I asked lots of organisations but nobody agreed I am very sure if we were Muslims all these organisations would have helped us 100 times. people are donating these flood victims in millions but nobody can donate us $5000, we dont have much to eat but still we say that our father should be out we dont need money for anything else but I think people are heartless. We have paid our lawyer $1000 and unlimited to his clerk for filing and papers and to him for the gas of his car this amount makes another $1000 and he doesn't considers it as fee but only expenses for him but he didn't appear in court in today's hearing because he want all money together. Even our own church didn't help us. I get $1,$2 or $5 and sometimes $50 or $100 which is very rare. What can this amount do? A sister is helping us in collecting donations and I know she is having too much trouble even from her own Church and I asked another brother to request people for donation on his group but he refused because he said telling people to collect money will lessen his readers and members, they all will leave the group immediately. People can spend $15 or $20 in buying useless Shane Dawson or Shay Tard shirts or buy farmville or mafia wars cash but they can't help someone who's life is in risk. We are living in this difficult country that we cannot even do jobs. But nobody even arranged any asylum for us.


Mehwish Aleem

Friday, August 27, 2010

A message from Hector Aleem (Video)

Guys, we had another hearing on 23rd, we were writing subtitles that is why it came a little late. Blogger friends please upload it on your blogs and others please share it with your friends. we made this video secretly and the policemen didn't know that we are recording and taking pictures. And we borrowed the camera from our AUNT

Follow that link below to watch the video:

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Update About Hector Aleem 21/08/2010

Dear group members.

21st August 2010 was the hearing of Hector Aleem, so here is the update about the hearing. First of all our lawyer asked the judge for the stay, because the High Court has given the stay for the quashment of the case and advised the lower court not to proceed until the High Court allows the lower court but as the judge of the lower court is very discriminative, he was not ready to give the stay even after the order of the High Court but after our lawyer gave some legal points and told him to wait until the judgment of the High Court he agreed not to proceed but the Mullahs and the Lawyer of the plaintiff pressurized him to proceed other wise they will protest and will destroy the court, the judge than started the proceeding. All the witnesses were available and our lawyer had to question them but the Investigation officer of Hector’s case was not available, so the judge has ordered the IO (investigation officer) to come on the next hearing. During the argument of both lawyers (our and plaintiff’s) they both argued so harshly and were about to had a physical fight. But the judge ordered both of them to calm down. And gave the next date of hearing. This all situation tells us that our lawyer is quiet brave and is ready to face any situation.

Thank you for all your moral and financial support. Those who can donate please use the following methods.

For PayPal use the following link:

And to pay through Western Union please contact Mehwish Aleem in the admin list of this group


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pakistan and Legalized Religious Persecution (By Ali Sina)

Taken From Jihad Watch>>>

Pakistan and Legalized Religious Persecution
by Ali Sina

Imagine one evening you hear a knock on the door. When you open it, a group of armed men with police uniforms enter your house, beat you and handcuff you. Your wife and children are terrorized, but they are told to shut up or they too will be beaten.

Thoughts rush to your mind. You try to figure out what did you do to deserve this treatment. You have been an upright citizen all your life. In fact you have been a human rights activist and have received an award for your services. You have been a respected speaker. Could all this be a mistake?

You ask the officers about the charges. Their response sends chill down your spine. You are being accused of blasphemy. You are a non-Muslim living in a Muslim majority country and all it takes for you to lose your freedom, job, friends, social standing and even life is for someone to report to authorities that you have spoken opprobriously of Muhammad and hence have injured the religious sensitivity of Muslims.

This is the nightmare that minorities in Islamic countries face. The charge does not have to be true. It could be that someone owes you money and he wants to get rid of you. It could be that someone offered to buy your land, which you refused to sell at the price he was offering. Or maybe someone does not like you because you are a human rights activist fighting for the rights of the oppressed minorities.

Abuses such as this happen on daily basis in Pakistan. More than two years ago, it was the turn of Hector Aleem. Aleem was taken to custody. He was brutally beaten by the police and thrown in a prison cell.

In Pakistan, if you are accused of blasphemy you are guilty until proven otherwise. But to prove your innocence it takes years and thousands of dollars. The lawyers' fee is exorbitant, whereas the wages in Pakistan are extremely low.

Aleem's family has spent all its wealth in legal fees to prove the innocence of their father. Hector's wife earns the meager salary of a nurse. The two elder daughters work but there are five mouths to feed and the legal fee is eating up everything they earn.

More than a year ago, when the case went to the court for the first time, the prosecutor, himself a mullah, did not find enough evidence against Aleem to support his charges. However, he warned the judge that should he release Aleem, the angry mob huddled inside and outside the court may kill him and the judge also may not fare better. This is exactly what happened on July 19 of this year to two Christian brothers, who were gunned down by Muslim militants when they left the court under police custody after a trial hearing in Faisalabad city, Punjab province.

So, Aleem was sent back to jail to face more beating in the hands of his jail keepers. They even told him that they would kill him before setting him free. Aleem's family appealed the court's ruling and a second hearing was arranged. This is where we are at now. The new lawyer is confident, but of course he has to be paid first and his fees are beyond what this impoverished family can afford.

A kind man from Australia has offered to sponsor Hector Aleem and provide him with a working visa. But first Aleem must be released. More than $7000 dollars are needed just for the legal fees. This is a large sum for a nurse with four children. Mehwish, Aleem's older daughter, has set up a paypal account for those who want to help. Here is the account: Please click on it and pay generously. This is Mehwish's email address:

The blasphemy law is an affront to human rights. It is devised to legally persecute the minorities. Even if you are not guilty you'll be annihilated before you prove your innocence. The objective of the blasphemy law is to get rid of the minorities by incriminating them one by one.

Isn't it time for the governments of the free world to demand Pakistan to put an end to legalized religious persecution? Pakistan is recipient of large sums of aids from the western countries and particularly from USA. But its only contributions are to persecute the minorities and to produce terrorists.

Please contact your member of parliament, your congressman and the senators in your country and ask them to demand the release of Hector Aleem and to raise the issue of human rights abuses in Pakistan. It is time for the European Parliament, the US congress and the Parliaments in Canada and Australia to condemn the blasphemy law and demand its immediate repeal.

It is a shame that the same governments that swiftly pass laws to protect Muslims against criticism of Islam, find no courage to stand up for the human rights of minorities in Islamic countries. Aren't human rights more important than beliefs? Where is the outcry of the parliamentarians, presidents and prime ministers of the free world vis-à-vis these human rights abuses?

Please spread the world about the plight of Hector Aleem. Here is his support page on Facebook.

Also, please contact the Pakistani embassy in your country as well as the following Pakistani authorities, by phone or by email and express your concern about the dismal human rights in that country. Demand the immediate release of Hector Aleem and the repeal of the blasphemy law. God does not need humans to defend him. The blasphemy law is legalization of persecution. It has no place in any civilized society and no civilized country should tolerate it anywhere. Your government has no right to send your tax money to a pariah country like Pakistan that has a law to persecute minorities.

Below is the list of the authorities to contact.

2.Supreme Court of Pakistan
Constitution Avenue, Islamabad
Telephone: 051-9220581-9220600
Fax: 051-9213452


5. Mr. Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani
Prime minister of Pakistan
Prime Minister House, Islamabad
Fax: + 92 51 9221596

6. Federal Minister of Law
Justice and Human Rights
S Block, Pakistan Secretariat, Islamabad
Fax: +92 51 920 2628

7. Mr. Rehman Malik
Advisor for Ministry of Interior
Room No. 404, 4th Floor, R Block,
Pak Secretariat
Fax: +92 51 920 2624
Tel: +92 51 921 2026

8. Mr. Mian Shahbaz Sharif
Chief Minister of Punjab
H-180 Model Town, Lahore
Fax: +92 42 5881383

9. Minister of Law
Government of Punjab
Punjab Secretariat
Ravi Road

10. Chief Secretary of Government of Punjab
Punjab Secretariat
Fax: +92 42 7324489

11. Dr. Faqir Hussain
Supreme Court of Pakistan
Constitution Avenue, Islamabad
Fax: + 92 51 9213452

12. Mr. Syed Hamid Saeed Kazmi
Minister for Religious Affairs
Tel: +92 51 9214856 / 9206982
Fax: +92 51 9213593

Saturday, July 24, 2010

What Happened in the High Court today!

Ty brothers and sisters........Today we went to the court but the lawyer of opponent party was not ready and he asked for some time. On the other hand our lawyer did an awesome job, he raised many legal points and judge was very impressed by our lawyer and Judge was on our side. But there were many Mullahs and they began to shout slogan against Christianity.......they were shouting "DEATH TO CHRISTIANITY" After the hearing we ran away from the court and hid ourselves in an office of our lawyer's friend. When the coast was clear we came back to home. We ran away from the court because we heard one of them saying that we must do something to Hector's family to teach that bloody infidel some lesson. We need more prayers..........Thank you once again for praying.

Now next hearing is on 26 July 2010, we got some time till Monday so please pray more and more for Daddy (Hector Aleem) and please all those who are bloggers please submit this story in your blog and tell your other blogger friends. And those who can donate, please donate for the fee of this lawyer. I know the fee is very high but he works really good, I have seen him today he is very brave and bright.

You can donate through Western Union, If you wanna donate through Western Union then please contact Mehwish Aleem (In Admin list). And if you wanna donate through Pay Pal then please follow the link given below.

Here is the link to Pay Pal: Please donate here:

Another Request: Those who are Pastors please tell your Church about Hector Aleem. Please just pray for 5 minutes and I hope that God will listen your prayers. Thank you everyone for your support, You have supported us this far we all love you. We have already told Hector Aleem about you people and he is very happy to know that there are many people who are praying for him and are supporting him.

God Bless You All
Misbah Aleem
Daughter of Hector Aleem

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Update About Hector Aleem

Dear supporters of Hector Aleem,

I am very sorry that I didn't update you on time. so here is the update of Hector's case.

1- Our lawyer who was working for us has ran away and after that we found another lawyer who is a Supreme Court lawyer and he has taken our case. When he took our case he told me that first of all he will make Hector out than we will give him his fee but as soon as he took our case he started demanding high fee as he is a SUPREME COURT LAWYER. That is why the amount is bigger than before. I know those who has donated for the previous lawyer do not like this but believe me we are more upset and our case which is very dangerous that even lawyers feels uncomfortable and no organization has helped us that is why we have to do all this alon.

2- Fee receipt of the lawyer is attached but this time I am being more careful. But still we have to collect donations. Do donate any amount you can and if you have already donated than please tell your friends to donate.

3- 22 July is the date of petition filed by our lawyer in High Court. We hope that our FIR ( first information report) will be quashed (cancelled) by the high court judge because it was filed illegal because an individual cannot lodge the blasphemy FIR. A senior officer is supposed to be the plantiff in the blasphemy case and before lodging it he has to investigate the case properly.

4 - As you know that two brothers from Faisalabad having same case i.e. Blasphemy case were shot dead yesterday in Faisalabad - Pakistan and no Police Officer did anything in fact they supported the killer in shooting the victims. Because the killer was only one guy and Police men were many in number but still those two brothers were killed. The reason to tell you this is Hector Aleem is arrested in that false blasphemy case and this case is the most dangerous case in Pakistan. A person can be killed by anyone anytime. So please pray for Hector Aleem's safety and also do write to Pakistani Government for his safety.

5 - Finally please donate any amount you can, because hopefully this maybe the last time we are collecting donation for Hector Aleem. Please pray for the quashment (Cancellation) of the FIR. You can donate through any way, you can either donate through pay pal or through western union. If you wanna donate through pay pal then follow the link given below and if you can donate through western union then contact Mehwish Aleem (in the group admin).

Here is the link for the pay pal:

Kausar Aleem
Wife of Hector Aleem

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Disappearence of Hector Aleem

Hello Everyone,

Like we have told you before that Hector Aleem has been disppeared for almost one week. But now we came to know that the terrorist organization Sunni Tehreek took him with the help of FIA (Fedral Investigation Agency) and ldged another case against him. I really dont know his physical situation because if they took him then they must have beaten him. So I will tell you his situation as soon as I get any news. we just came to know that Hector Aleem is back in jail today. We need to bring him out as soon as possible because now we are sure that he is not even safe inside the jail. And if we dont do anything fast then these kind of things can happen again. Like we told you before Sunni Tehreek is a very powerful terrorist organization in Pakistan which is against Hector Aleem.

Here is the news about Sunni Tehreek:!/photo.php?pid=602955&op=1&o=global&view=global&subj=298776303670&id=1554906133&ref=pf

You can do anything you can to bring Hector Aleem out of the prison. Those who can donate can donate through pay pal or anyother way and those who cannot donate then please just pray for us and for daddy. And those who can call, mail or email Canadian Embassy for Asylum can do that too. We would really appreciate your help, Your Moral and Practical support.

If you want to donate through pay pal then here is the link:

And if you want to donate through any other way then please contact Mohammad Shouman who is a group admin.

And also keep writing to Canadian Embassy in Islamabad for the Asylum of Hector Aleem and his family, you can write by yourself or you can print the petition, get it signed by your friends and family and send it to Canadian Embassy in Islamabad Pakistan.

Here is the link to the Petition:

God Bless You All

Keep Praying for Hector Aleem and his family

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hector Aleem has been disappeared!

It is to inform you all that Hector Aleem has been disappeared suddenly from Jail. We can’t find him anywhere. When our lawyer sent legal papers in jail to get them signed by Hector Aleem then the Jail authorities told that Hector Aleem is NOT in jail and some agencies took him somewhere. We are trying for three days to confirm that where is daddy but no one is able to tell us anything. Our lawyer has searched him in each and every Police Station of Rawalpindi/Islamabad but we couldn’t find him anywhere. Three days have passed now and we still don’t have any clue about daddy. We don’t know if he is being tortured somewhere or being kidnapped. Even Jail authorities can’t tell where he is now. They just say, “Some agencies took him”. But they don’t tell us that where he is and who took him? Please pray for him and tell your friends and family to pray for daddy. If you got your blogs then please publish it in your blogs, and if your friends got any kind of blog then please tell them to publish this news. This is not fair that daddy is not even safe inside the jail, and we don’t know where he is now.

Please keep on donating for Hector Aleem’s lawyer, his legal expenses and his food and clothes. You can donate through Pay Pal or you can donate through any other way.

If you want to donate through pay pal then here is the link:

And if you want to donate through any other way then please contact Mohammad Shouman who is a group admin.

And also keep writing to Canadian Embassy in Islamabad for the Asylum of Hector Aleem and his family, you can write by yourself or you can print the petition, get it signed by your friends and family and send it to Canadian Embassy in Islamabad Pakistan.

Here is the link to the Petition:

Please keep praying for Hector Aleem, This is a very tense situation for us.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Write to Canadian Embassy in Islamabad for Asylum of Hector and his Family!

Dear Supporters of Hector Aleem,

As you all know that Hector Aleem and his family are facing great danger in Pakistan. A terrorist organization called Sunni Tehreek is against Hector Aleem and his family. Hector and his family received threat letters too. Now Hector Aleem and his family has decided to finally leave Pakistan and go to Canada for an Asylum. A sister named Sahar Tawesigye made a petition for Hector Aleem and his family, please print that petition and give it to your friends, family and Church. People can sign this petition using their pens or pencils etc, and after taking signatures please send that petition to Canadian High Commission in Islamabad. If you want to write something by yourself then you are welcome to do so. Please send your letters and petition in support of Hector Aleem to Canadian Embassy in Islamabad The address to Canadian Embassy Islamabad is written down.

This petition is made by Sahar Twesigye who is a pastor from UK, the lines on the upper right corner of the petition is made for your name, address and Country and phone number (if you
want) and the line in lower left corner of the petition is for your name. And Sorry I dont know how to make rows and columns in the blog so people can just write their names, address and signature beneath their respective columns. Hope you understood everything

Here is the Petition, Print it, get it signed by your friends, family and Church and send it to Canadian Embassy in Islamabad:

Name __________________________
Address __________________________
Country __________________________

The Canadian High Commission,

Street address: Diplomatic Enclave, Sector G-5
Islamabad, Pakistan
Postal Address: High Commission of Canada
P. O. Box 1042
Islamabad, Pakistan
Telephone: (00 92 51) 208-6000
Toll free: 0800-00-226
Fax: (00 92 51) 208-6900

Date _________

To the High Commissioner of Canada to Pakistan,

RE: Hector Aleem’s False Blasphemy Allegation Charges

I write to you in order to raise your attention to the case of the imprisoned Peace Worldwide human activist Hector Aleem.

The high-ranking human rights activist from Karachi committed himself to working on human rights through Peace Worldwide. Peace Worldwide is a non governmental organisation registered with the government of Pakistan, which was established by Hector Aleem, the Chairman, in 1996. Peace Worldwide has special consultative status with The Economic and Social Council of United Nations. The NGO was working on human rights without any discrimination for religious beliefs; it was also working on Blasphemy Law and has highlighted and solved some of those cases. There were also many schools that were running under Peace Worldwide, but these schools were closed in 2004 due to the pressure from the Maulvies (Muslim extremist group in Pakistan), as they accused Hector Aleem of teaching Christian doctrine to the Muslim children, the threat letter is attached. Following this incident, he moved with his family to Islamabad for fear of being threatened or harmed.

Hector Aleem was awarded a Peace Award by Mr. Yousaf Raza Gillani, the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He was also invited by Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, the President of Pakistan and many other important politicians of Pakistan because of his great work in human rights, which only speaks of his great commitment to helping people and his noble character. All invitations and pictures are attached.

Hector was arrested at midnight on the 21st of January 2009. A large number of policemen raided his house, and beat him and his family (his wife Kauser Parveen Aleem, and four children, Mehwish, Misbah, David John and Simon Yaqoob). He is now in Adiala Jail in Rawalpindi, and his case is registered in R.A. Bazaar Police Office in Rawalpindi. According to the FIR (First Information Report) an unknown person sent a blasphemous SMS to the leader of a Sunni Tehreek. The SIM card was not registered so they searched for the culprit. When they saw the list of the persons the culprit contacted, they found that the only Christian was Hector. No other person whom the culprit called (90 people) was interrogated or arrested. Hector maintains that he did not send the blasphemous message, he was arrested because he was the only Christian in the list.

The family is currently hiding in a house somewhere in Islamabad, for fear of being harmed or even killed. I am in touch with Hector’s daughter Mehwish, and she has been informing me of the current situation. Hector is still in jail, due to be released soon according to his attorney. The family is looking to leave the country and move to Canada as asylum seekers due to religious persecution as soon as Hector is released. Their attorney advised them to leave the country as soon as possible as the Muslim extremists will probably seek to kill Hector if he is released. Canada seemed as the best option, as it is known for its tolerance for people who are in a similar situation as the Aleems.

I appeal to you, to use your influence and to immediately review the case of Hector Aleem and his family. Please find attached a petition signed by several individuals who testify of the validity of Hector’s false blasphemy allegation case and are in support of this appeal. Other documents are enclosed as proof of the validity of his case.

Yours faithfully,


We the undersigned petition the High Commissioner of Canada to Pakistan to allow Hector Aleem, his wife Kauser Parveen Aleem, and his children Mehwish Aleem, Misbah Aleem, Simon Yaqoob Aleem and David John Aleem to transfer to Canada as asylum seekers due to religious persecution.

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