Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Salman Taseer Shot Dead by his own Guard!

Dear Group members
Today governer of Punjab shot dead by his own security gaurd. The guard belonged to an Elite Force, The Elite force is a special force assigned for the safety of people. As he was the governer of the biggest province of Pakistan and obviously a special person the Elite force was assigned to gaurd him but the security gaurd shot him with 27 bullets and Salman died. Salman Taseer was the same person who was struggling for Assia Bibi's release. This is Pakistan. If the governer isn't safe here than a normal person cannot be. Elite force is the same force who is assigned to bring daddy from jail to court and this is the so called security for daddy. How can I think that my father is safe in the hands of Islamists and extermists? The government cannot save their own governer than how a normal Human Rights Activist can survive here? Do you think its justice? the killer of salman is very proud of killing him and he was smiling at the time of his arrest. The Islamists and exteremists are happy and they are giving sweets to eachother because they think that its a good thing. what kind of people are they? They are happy on someones death? Salman was continuously said in his statements that he is receiving threats but nobody paid any attention. In the same way I am telling everybody again and again that our and my daddy's lives are in danger but I think people will believe when some proud muslim will be more proud after killing us. TIME TO THINK but I know its only another update or mail for you which will be deleted without reading. 


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