Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Blasphemy In Pakistan

My name is Mehwish Aleem and my father (Hector Aleem) is a human rights activist in Pakistan. He has been working in Pakistan as a Human rights activist since 1996. He is running an NGO with the name of PEACE WORLDWIDE. Hector Aleem has worked for Christian and Muslims without any discrimination but he is in jail for one year. I will tell you how it started; my father was working for a church destroyed by CDA (capital development authority) in Islamabad Pakistan. The church was destroyed because according to CDA the church was built illegal. Let me tell you one thing, there are many illegal mosques in Islamabad (the capital of Pakistan) but if any body even tries to touch it, all Muslims gathers and than as a result no body dares to touch it. One example I have seen with my own eyes. There was a vacant land near my house and a Maulvi (Muslim leader) started to build a mosque on that land which belonged to someone else. The Maulvi and his followers built that mosque, than one day the owner came and tried to destroy the mosque but all Muslims gathered and the owner had to leave his own precious land. But when it comes to Christians or churches no body cares. So when Hector Aleem raised his voice for the destroyed church he faced many cases which were criminal and fraud cases. These cases were lodged to prove that Hector Aleem is a criminal. But all those cases were proved false by the courts. The opponents also tried to assassinate him several times. And he also received verbal threats by the Maulvies that if he continued the work for church or Christians they will kill him and his sons and make his daughters Muslim. During this time Hector Aleem received a Peace award by Mr. Yousaf Raza Gillani the prime minister of Pakistan. Right after one month on 21 January 2009 Hector Aleem was arrested by the police, they beat him so bad and they tortured him mentally and physically. And after 24 hours we came to know that his offence is blasphemy 295c. 295ABC are the blasphemy offences, and Hector Aleem was working for these offences because these offences are being used as a tool to let Christians down by Muslims.
According to the FIR the (first information report) someone sent a blasphemous message to a leader of Sunni Tehreek (a Muslim extremist organization) and that sender once contacted Hector Aleem. And now instead of finding that sender they arrested Hector Aleem that he sent that blasphemous message.
Hector Aleem is 51 years old and he is a heart patient and he is not allowed to take his medicine and not allowed to visit his family. A big mob used to gather in front of court and they raised slogans against him and they threat the judge that if he releases him they will kill Hector Aleem themselves and they will destroy the court and the judge and the lawyer dealing Hector's case will be killed. That is why the judge from session court rejected his bail. The lawyer of the opponent party who is also a Maulvi threat the judge that if you release Hector Aleem we will take our own decision and will kill him outside the court.
Than on 24 June 2009 chief justice of Pakistan Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed Chaudry granted him bail but the Maulvies lodged many other criminal cases against him so that he cannot come out. Now Hector Aleem is still in jail. It has been one year since he is in jail. The police are also involved with the Maulvies and once two policemen went to Hector Aleem in jail and told him that even he is granted a bail they will not let a blasphemer out. They will lodge so many cases against him that he will not be able to bear them and than they started to lodge cases against him. They used to take him to the police station after 15 days and beat him and torture him in front of Maulvies and Taliban.
I want all of you to help us and write appeals to prime minister of Pakistan Mr. Yousaf Raza Gillani and the president Mr. Asif Ali Zardari and the chief justice of Pakistan Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed Chaudry to release Hector Aleem as soon as possible because he is innocent.

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