Sunday, January 31, 2010

A threat Letter by Email

hahahaha the joke of the century that Hector built the Church, go to the jail and read the name of the Person and the organization who is Building the Church in the jail. You will read MY NAME and my Organizations name.Dear i have enough money to ensure that yur dad rots in jail. dont talk abt money with me i also knw that how Joepsh Francis and yur dad earned money. I will expose him as well. If you have the guts come and face me in my office at the Christian Study center, Rawalpindi.Now see what i will do to yur dad, i will get the case published with names of the people who yur father has cheated.Read all the news papers from tomorrow now, i will get him in another case for remand.I will also send you the

1. Scanned Copy of Hector Aleem admitting every crime.
2. A photo of Hector Aleem crying in Jail.

And will send u one of the pics in which i will be kicking his ass

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