Saturday, February 27, 2010

Police report according to the statement of Sunni Tehreek leader!

Translation Of This Police report according to the Statement of Sunni Tehreek leader:
Police Form 25 – 25(2)
Internal Report
Police Station RA Bazaar…………District Rawalpindi.

Case No. 767, Date: 28-11-2008, Offence: 295/C (Blasphemy act) and 25/D (Telegraph Act). RA Bazaar Police Station. Statement of Tahir Iqbal Chisti S/O Muhammed Ashraf Resident of Tench Bhatta, Last Bus stop in front of the Police Check Post, Race Course Rawalpindi.

Stated below that I and My Tehreek were investigating ourselves about the sender of the Blasphemous message. Which I now came to know that Hector Aleem S/O Yaqoob Masih Resident of House No. 160, Street 78 G-11/2 Islamabad, Is the Owner of an organization called Peace Worldwide. Who is getting proper donation from Germany and his mission is to misguide Muslims. I am very sure that Hector Aleem has sent those messages personally or made one of his members from organization to send them. It is my request to arrest Hector Aleem, investigate him, and punish him so that next time no one would ever dare to even think about doing blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad.

Statement was heard and considered right.

Zafar Iqbal
Incharge Police Check Post
Race Course Rawalpindi

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  1. as for 'support from Germany' does that mean financial support? I have known that German Christians do give support in the form of prayer, to the True and Living God, but not money