Monday, August 25, 2014

Hector Aleem always protected minorities in Pakistan

Mr. Hector Aleem head of Peace Worldwide, had always protected minorities especially Christians and churches in Pakistan. Qamar Abdullah a government official tried to rape a Christian woman and tortured her brutally. As Qamar Abdullah was a government official, the government protected him and ignored the rape case against him and started to file many cases against Mr. Hector Aleem, destroyed the houses of victim and eye witnesses and started propaganda against Mr. Hector Aleem. These are the tactics of government of Pakistan to ignore the real issue and promote false cases and start propaganda against the victims and activists and hire traitors for the propaganda to show the world, international organisations and embassies that the victim is not a victim actually but a culprit. 
There are false stories about the church that it was built illegally on an illegal land but the church was legal and the church issue was real and these pictures and all letters are the proof of Hector Aleem's peaceful struggle. Peace Worldwide administration have decided to upload and publish all letters and photographs of church and other human rights issues. 

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