Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hector Aleem submitted an application to Senior Superintendent of Police

Mr. Hector Aleem Chairman Peace Worldwide submitted an application to senior superintendent of police against the people who destroyed and burnt the Church. Among the people who destroyed and burnt the Church were CDA officials who were under the command of Captain Faiz. After destroying and burning the Church, they arrested and tortured innocent Christian worshipers, disrespected Holy Bible, Holy Cross and Hymn books. It is to be noted that if a person accuses a Christian of burning a Koran (that may not have to be true) whole Christian villages and enclaves are burnt and destroyed by Pakistani Muslims but when they destroyed and burnt the Church, disrespected Holy Bibles and Holy Cross then no one even filed a case against the culprits. The application given below is a proof of their hypocrisy.
Hector Aleem took an action and personally submitted an application to the senior superintendent of police on 26th August, 2008. But the Senior Superintendent of Police did not take any action against the culprits instead many false cases were filed against Hector Aleem. Government started a propaganda that it was merely a land dispute. To save these officers, Hector Aleem's family, home and offices were destroyed. A false blasphemy case was also filed against him and he had to spend 4 years in prison during which he had to face worst type of torture.
The translation of the application is whats described above. The pictures of the Church after its burning and destruction including the pictures of innocent Christian worshipers who were tortured are also attached. Pakistan is the worst country for religious minorities.

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